Shermay’s Cilicuka-Lime Mayo (Prawn Cocktail / ‘Marie Rose Sauce’)

Shermay’s Cilicuka-Lime Mayo (Prawn Cocktail / ‘Marie Rose Sauce’)

This is our take on the popular condiment. It is great as a dipping sauce for potato/Spam fries or Prawn Cocktail, mixed in with crabmeat/seafood for a sandwich, or slathered on a burger. Ours has as Singaporean twist with the use of our versatile Cilicuka.


  • 240 ml Mayonnaise. Ideally make your own, or we like the one by Marks & Spencer, the gourmet European brands at Huber’s Butchery. Kraft & Hellman’s at the most popular at supermarkets.
  • 120 ml (Original or Extra Hot)
  • 1 medium lime/calamansi, zest with a Microplane Citrus Zester, then squeeze the juice of the lime


  1. In a serving bowl, add all the ingredients. Mix well and taste.
  2. Adjust the seasoning then serve!

Chef's Tips:

  • This recipe is not an exact science, so add more mayonnaise to make it more creamy or less spicy; more Cilicuka to make it more spicy; more lime juice to make it more citrusy and acidic.
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