Product Information

Q: How long does the sauce keep after opening? 
A: We advise about 3 months in the fridge. Always use a clean spoon. Cover and keep chilled. The exception is Ginger Garlic Sauce which is more delicate, we advise 1 month. We use minimal preservatives so sauces have a have a shorter shelf life than some store-bought ones, but this means it is healthier and closer to freshly home made.  
Q: How long does the sauce keep without opening? 
A: Refer to the label for the stated “Best Before” date. This is one year from the date of manufacturer. “Best Before” means that it is still edible and food safe but not preferable. There is an allowance for about up to 3 months from the stated date, but there might be some discolouration (dulling of the colour) due to oxidation and the flavours might be less idea: more mellow, less bright and fresh. (“Expiry Date” means not food safe after the stated date, whereas ours is a “Best Before”.)  
Q: Which products are halal-certified? 
A: All our sauces and curry powders are halal-certified, this includes Cilicuka Original, Cilicuka Very Hot, Cilicuka Very Very Hot, Sambal Hijau, Ginger Garlic Sauce, Singapore Meat Marinade, and Nonya Curry Powder.  
Q: Which products are vegan? 
A: Cilicuka Original, Cilicuka Very Hot, Cilicuka Very Very Hot,Ginger Garlic Sauce, and Nonya Curry Powder.  
Q: Does it have to be refrigerated? 
A: Once opened, it needs to be refrigerated. If unopened, it is shelf stable (does not need to be refrigerated).  
Q: How do I eat it? 
Ciliicuka: A: As a dip (for keropok/crackers, fried chicken, steam boat, spring rolls, fish balls, etc). As a condiment (for traditional dishes such as chicken rice, kueh pie tee, popiah, ngoh hiang, etc). As an ingredient (mix with mayonnaise for a Rose Marie sauce; with tomato sauce for a chilli crab dip, etc.). 

Sambal Hijau: A: As a condiment (for ayam penyet, ayam goreng, ikan goreng). As sambal (add petai, winged beans, French or long beans, etc) then stir-fry. As a pour-over sauce (for fish then bake in over or BBQ). 

Ginger Garlic Sauce: A: As a dip (for steamboat and steamed chicken). As a condiment (with chicken rice). As pour-over sauce (for fish, chicken, tofu, vegetables). As an ingredient (for stir-fries).
Q: How do I cook with it? 
Cilicuka A: As an ingredient (mix with mayonnaise for a Rose Marie sauce.). Add to tomato sauce and crab meat, beat in one egg for Chilli Crab Dip.

Sambal Hijau A: Pour-over fish then baked in the oven. Pan-fry fish then serve with the sauce as the base.
Ginger Garlic Sauce: Steam fish, chicken or vegetables, then pour-over slightly warmed or room temperature sauce.
Singapore Meat Marinade: A: In a foodsafe bag, add the sauce to chicken wings (for BBQ Chicken Wings), boneless chicken thigh (Asian-Style Roasted Chicken), pork belly (Kong Bak Bao) or pork neck (Char Siew) to then roast or braise.

Nonya Curry Powder A: Add aromatics (ginger, garlic, shallots), then chicken and coconut milk.
Q: Do I have to cook it? 
A: The Singapore Meat Marinade is a cooked product, therefore is safe to eat out of the jar. However, it is intended as a marinade for meats (before or during cooking) or a coating sauce (after cooking).  
Q: Where are the sauces made? 
A: All our products are proudly and lovingly made in Singapore. However, the raw material comes from this region (Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia).  
Q: Are the sauces homemade? 
A: Our sauces are not homemade, they are factory made, but we deliberately create tastes and texture that are like homemade.  
Q: What is Cilicuka?  
A: ‘Cili’ is Malay for ‘chilli’ and ‘cuka’ means ‘vinegar’, so it is essentially a red chilli vinegar sauce.  
Q: Which one has belacan (shrimp/prawn paste)?  
A: Sambal Hijau has belacan.  

Other information

Q: Where can I buy your products? 
A: Online is best (www.shermay.com) because payment is online and have next day directly delivery. If not, TANGS Market, basement of TANGS department store at Orchard Road. Most Bengawan Solo outlets carry our sauces, especially the Cilicuka range.  
Q: Can I bring it overseas? 
A: Yes, our sauces and curry powder meat should meet international exportation standards (for Australian, Europe and the US), however it depends on the destination country. Our sauces and curry powder are manufactured in Singapore, in a factory with the highest hygiene and food safety standards, they also have the highest certifications. They export their products internationally. However, if in doubt, we advise that you check with the food regulation in the destination country.  
Q: Do you sell in smaller jars, different sizes or packaging? 
A: We would love to but we can’t right now. It has to do with the factory’s production capability.  
Q: Who is Shermay? 
A: Shermay is a chef by training, and a Singapore. She is an independent foodcrafter. She develops all the products that are on offer, and personally oversee all the design.  
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