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Singapore Fine Food

Shermay’s Singapore Fine Food is a range of sauces based
on Shermay’s family recipes and Singapore’s rich culinary
It includes convenient ready-to-eat condiments,
such as chilli sauce (Cilicuka & Sambal Hijau), 
ready-to -cook marinades (Singapore Meat Marinade).

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Cilicuka Original

Cilicuka is a traditional Singaporean red chilli sauce made of
Southeast Asian red chillies, with a refreshing and tangy vinegar
flavour. It’s based on Shermay’s grandmother’s hand-written
recipe from more than 40 years ago. there are three heat levels:
Original, Extra Hot & Super Hot.

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Singapore Fine Food

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Shermay’s Singapore Fine Food is a range of sauces based on Shermay’s family recipes and Singapore’s rich culinary heritage. It includes convenient ready-to-eat condiments, such as chilli sauce (Cilicuka & Sambal Hijau), and ready-to cook marinades (Singapore Meat Marinade).

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Cilicuka Original

Shermay Lee

» Food Consultant
» Award Winning Cookbook Author
» Founder-Owner of Shermay’s Singapore Fine Food


“Shermay  has  made  significant  contributions  to  preserve  Singapore’s culinary heritage and we are pleased to be working with her on our special in-flight and lounge dining  experience  to  celebrate  Singapore’s  50th birthday. Food is close to our hearts and our Singapore Heritage Cuisine features familiar dishes that many Singaporeans grew up enjoying at home. We are delighted  to  be offering  this  ‘home away from home’ gastronomic experience to our customers from around the world.”

Mr. Tan Pee Teck

Senior Vice President, Product Services, Singapore Airlines

“Singapore is a nation that is deeply passionate about food. There is no better way to celebrate its 50th birthday than by tracing its rich culinary heritage. Together with Shermay, we have chosen to showcase dishes by these inspirational women who have helped preserve the traditions and intricacies of Singaporean cooking.”

Mr. Giovanni Viterale

General Manager, General Manager of The Fullerton Heritage precinct, The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore

“Together with Shermay, we aim to bring a new and renewed vibrancy to the Farrer Park precinct, offering an amalgamation of diverse, innovative and interactive lifestyle experiences crafted by One Farrer Hotel & Spa.”

Dr. Richard Helfer

Chairman, One Farrer Pte Ltd

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