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eCommerce Internship
Entry Level | Internship| Start Immediately

About the Role:
- eCommerce Platforms: update & maintain listings online retail platform
- eCommerce Fulfillment: pack, send and invoice orders for B2B and B2C.
- Digital Marketing and Content Creation: create images and text to post on social media.
- Product Launches: launch new products, execute marketing plan.
- Inventory Management.
- Product Design.
- Misc Admin.

About our Culture & Values:

- We have a start-up culture; we're innovative, open, fast-paced, hardworking, agile, resourceful, resilient and growth-focused.

- We're also a company that has been around for 10 years, so we have many systems and processes in place.

- Ours is a small team, and we work closely together. At the same time, we collaborate strongly with freelancers and suppliers, whom we work with often.

- We're looking for individuals who have a passion for food products, design, business, and are willing to work hard and resilient.

- It is important to be open-minded, as the scope of work and range of tasks will vary depending on what's happening at the office and what's important at that time.

- Each person has direct access to Shermay, which is a great opportunity to learn from her years of experience in F&B, manufacturing and business.

- We're output- and goal-oriented, and we encourage a low- to no-politics environment. We prefer to focus our energy on creative problem-solving and independent projects.

Comments by Past Interns

A Challenging But Rewarding Experience

From the moment I stepped into Shermay's, I was granted the opportunity to take the initiative in various tasks. Whether it was leading the packing of Tingkats for CNY or contributing my own research findings to the team, I have benefitted immensely from my time here. One of my greatest takeaways would be learning to work efficiently -- finding smarter ways to do things rather than simply working hard.

  Shermay also holds high expectations for each of us and motivates us to give our 1000% in everything we do. Consequently, I have become more precise and careful in my work over the past few months! Additionally, the prompt payment and supportive teammates of mine have made my experience even more memorable!

- Jessie

A Journey of Discovery

I am grateful for the opportunity to intern at Shermay’s, it has been quite a ride! I learnt of the realities of being in eCommerce, and got to take part in strategy meetings. Shermay constantly makes sure our learning is not compromised by giving us the leeway to express our opinions, and being open to share her knowledge, especially when it comes to ChatGPT :)

Working in a small team allowed me to seek guidance often, since I am new to marketing. Shermay encouraged me to push my limits, inspiring me to treat future challenges as opportunities for growth. If there is one thing I will miss, it would definitely be the people!

- Mikko

Meaningful Internship

My internship at Shermay’s Singapore Fine Food was a truly fulfilling experience. From day one, I was given opportunities to take charge of projects and contribute my research findings to the team. By being exposed to a wide array of responsibilities, this allowed me to develop skills in both business strategising and social media marketing. Working directly with Shermay, she consistently valued our team's ideas and assigned us projects based on our individual interests and strengths. The working environment here is also very supportive. Shermay often encourages us to share our thoughts and goes the extra mile to ensure the well-being of our team. I am really grateful for the opportunity to intern here and have definitely created many enjoyable memories! :)

- Rong Xuan

5 Star Experience

My time here at Shermay’s was meaningful. Working in a small and flexible team, I was exposed to all aspects of a business. The plethora of tasks has allowed me to grow and understand myself better. Shermay’s years of experience is evident in team meetings. She is enthusiastic in imparting her wide knowledge on business to the team and shares valuable life lessons that guide us to being better people. Being a democratic leader, Shermay consistently asks for and values our opinions, moulding a united team that follows her vision. She checks in on our welfare and puts in the effort to know us better, creating a comfortable working environment. “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” – William Arthur Ward. I am grateful for Shermay’s mentorship, and I end my internship motivated and ready for the road ahead. 

- Wesley

Rediscovering New Skills

I am back for another internship, driven by my interest in exploring new aspects of this business: a book launch project. This time, I had the experience of delving into book marketing and publishing, by attending meetings with industry professionals. The individuals in this workplace are patient and reliable, guiding me through the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce practices. This internship has offered a sense of familiarity and change at the same time. It's truly enjoyable to be back here, embracing new knowledge and continually challenging myself!"


- Rebecca

Wonderful Experience Here

During my time here at Shermay's Singapore Fine Food, I was exposed to the wide range of challenges involved with running an e-commerce business. This strengthened my understanding of how an e-commerce business operates. I was able to participate and contribute in meetings regarding marketing, business development and business strategy. The work culture here is also comfortable in part due to how Shermay herself leads the team. She values everyone's opinion regardless of their position and creates opportunities for us to develop our skills for the future. I finish this internship with good memories and lots of personal growth as well. :)


- Ryan

 Very Good Overall Experience

Given the diverse scope of the internship, I was able to explore and develop an interest towards e-commerce and challenge myself to take on social media marketing (Tiktok and Instagram). The work culture has been very encouraging for developing a personal voice, and actively contributing to projects. I felt comfortable working with Shermay, as she values our opinions and creates opportunities for personal/skills growth. Overall, in one word, my feeling about this experience is "gratefulness". I'll finish this internship with good memories and definitely stay in touch!                                     

   - Rebecca

Great Internship Experience

I have learnt a lot of how e-commerce works, got the opportunity to attend meetings and learnt a wide range of skills. I was given quite a lot of responsibilities. It gave me real life experience of running a business. Overall, I gained a lot of relevant experience, and I would say I learnt a lot.


- Kym