Shermay’s 1-Minute How to Fry Crackers (Keropok/Krupuk & Emping)


  • Prawn crackers (keropok, krupok)
  • Bitternut crackers (emping)
  • Oil, for frying
  • Dipping sauce: Cilicuka (Original, Extra Hot or Super Hot) and/or Sambal Hijau


  1. Unpack your favourite brand of crackers (keropok or emping).
  2. Dry in the over at 50 °C (no higher, otherwise the crackers will start to cook) or sun-dry to remove moisture. (This results in a puffier and larger piece with a more crispy texture. If the packet is airtight and sealed, it may not be necessary to dry before frying.)
  3. In a non-stick wide and flat pan, heat oil over medium flame.
  4. Drop one or more pieces into the oil. Quickly press to flatten.
  5. Quickly flip over for even cooking.
  6. For emping, drop a few pieces into the oil. Give it a good stir then quickly scoop up. Remove and transfer to a wide tray lined with disposable kitchen paper. Carefully shake-off excess oil and do not stack. This is the trick to a drier and less oily end-result.
  7. Enjoy the keropok with Cilicuka or Sambal Hijau, and the emping with Sambal Hijau! A great snack!

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