Bundle: Sambal Hijau + Bitternut Crackers

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Cilicuka is a traditional Singaporean red chilli sauce that has moderate heat with a refreshing and tangy vinegar flavour. It is based on Shermay’s grandmother’s hand-written recipe from 40 years ago. Shermay’s Prawn Crackers (keropok) are perfect for dipping into Cilicuka for a sweet savoury prawny ready-to-eat snack!

Also known as ‘Sambal Ijo’ or ‘Cabe Hijau’ in Indonesia and Malaysia, Sambal Hijau is a green chilli sauce traditonally eaten with Nasi PadangandNasi Campur. It can be dolloped on fried chicken, fried/steamed fish, boiled eggs, and smeared on fragrant white rice or vegetables. It can also be stir-fried with meats or greens (eggplant, petai, etc).

Shermay’s favourite way of eating Sambal Hijau is as a dipping sauce for emping/belinjo (bitternut crackers) or keropok (prawn or fish crackers).


* Sambal Hijau (Green Chilli Sauce): Halal-Certified. Contains Seafood/Prawns (Belacan). No MSG. No Gluten. No Artificial Colouring. Non-GMO.

* Emping/Belinjo/Melinjo (Bitternut Crackers):Halal-Certified. Vegan. No MSG. No Salt. No Sugar. No Artificial Colouring. Non-GMO.


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