Super Assortment #7: 4 Cilicuka Original + 4 Very Hot + 4 Very Very Hot (No Gift Wrapping)

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Cilicuka is a traditional Singaporean red chilli sauce that has moderate heat with a refreshing and tangy vinegar flavour. It is based on Shermay’s grandmother’s hand-written recipe from more than 40 years ago.

Dollop or drizzle onto Kueh Pie Tee or Popiah, or use as a dipping sauce for keropok (fish or prawn crackers), noodles, rice, and any Asian fried savoury snack (Ngoh Hiang, fishballs, spring rolls, 5-spice fried chicken, etc.)

For classic variations: stir in a a spoonful of chicken stock, to serve as as  dipping sauce for Hainanese Chicken Rice; squeeze limau kesturi (calamansi limes); add light and/or dark soy sauce; or add some diced bawang merah (small red shallots).


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* Cilicuka (Red Chilli Sauce): Halal-Certified. Vegan. No MSG. No Gluten. No Artificial Colouring. Non-GMO.

Packed in carton tray protected in bubble wrap. No gift wrapping. Suitable for those looking for cost-efficient option (lowest cost per jar), focusing on the sauces, not so much on gift wrapping. Suitable for those who wish to give it away as gifts, as it is.


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