Ginger Garlic Sauce + Free Gift Wrapping (Ready-to-Eat)

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A burst of great flavour and a shot of good health in every bottle of Shermay’s Ginger Garlic Sauce brings all the traditional goodness of mature ginger, pungent garlic and aromatic sesame oil, that pioneer Singaporeans used to add their home dishes to life.

How To Use:
No Asian kitchen can do without this sauce. Perfect for chicken rice, together with Shermay’s Cilicukas. Cover a piece of fish or chicken with this sauce, then steam or bake. Add a tablespoonful to brighten up stir-fries and stocks. Serve on its own as a condiment with homestyle Chinese cooking.




Halal-Certified. Vegan. No MSG. No Gluten. No Artificial Colouring. Non-GMO.


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