Bundle 4: Singapore Meat Marinade Original + Cilicuka Original

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(Formerly, Bak Kwa Marinade. Same great taste, just a new name!)

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  • Marinade: oyster sauce, fish sauce, soy sauce, caramel, orange, 5-spice. Based on Chinese cooking. For meats: add pork neck (for Charsiew), add chicken wings (for BBQ Wings), add minced pork (for Bak Kwa).
  • Cilicuka Original: 100% regular chilli, based on Shermay’s late Peranakan grandma’s 40-plus year old recipe.

* Cilicuka (Red Chilli Sauce): Halal-Certified. Vegan. No MSG. No Gluten. No Artificial Colouring. Non-GMO.


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