Malay Heritage: Traditional Kueh & Cookies (New Recipes!)

Date: Sunday, 06 Jan 2013
Timing: 3.00pm to 6.30pm (3hrs 30mins with an interval)
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These recipes are some of my personal favorites,  which I grew up with and are great ideas for any festive celebration! The recipes derived from my mother, old-fashioned, luscious, immensely rich and real great classics!

1) Kek Lapis (Multi-layered cake in Malay)
A popular cake in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia during festive and special occasions. Meticulously baked layer after layer to achieve the moist "lapis" effect. It's time consuming to make but well-worth it as you savor the buttery and rich taste of this traditional exquisite cake. A subtle hint of special spice or "rempah" is used in this recipe.
2) Kueh Bangkit 
Kueh Bangkit is a traditional Malay and Nyonya delicacy and it is made mainly from tapioca flour, eggs and coconut milk. It is a cookie that is hard on the outside but melts in the mouth. This cookie that has a longer shelf life compared to other festive favorites such as pineapple tarts.
3) Kueh Makmur 
A delicious peanut-filled cookie, which resembles the shape of a leaf rolled in snowy icing sugar, has a crumbly texture and it's beautiful like a piece of hand-crafted art!
4) Kek Kukus (Steamed fruit cake)
A traditional steamed fruit cake is a must-have during the festive, delectably rich and moist with an aromatic fragrance of candied orange and blackcurrant. Luxurious caramel as a main ingredient just like a Christmas fruit cake and the only brilliant twist is that it is steamed to perfection.
Bonus Recipes (For you to try at home; Not demo-ed)
5) Kek Lapis Prune
Following a traditional technique of Kek Lapis but with the addition of lemon extract and sliced prunes in between layers of this cake.
6) Kek Lapis Suji
Following a traditional technique of Kek Lapis but with the addition of semolina flour and silvered almonds in between the layers.
7) Kueh Bahulu
A traditional mini cake, that is baked in Bahulu moulds, has light and airy texture. Infused with real vanilla extract, it's an easy to follow recipe and simply delicious!

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