Fabulous Holiday Desserts (New Recipes!)

Date: Sunday, 28 Oct 2012
Timing: 3.00pm to 6.30pm (3hrs 30mins with an interval)
Demo + Food Tasting + Handcrafted Treats to take home + Comprehensive Recipe Pack + Bonus Sections with Decorating Ideas, Essential Techniques & Extra Recipes


S$149.00 nett
Prepayment Required.


1) Luxury Holiday Fruit Cake

This is the indulgence without which the holidays would be incomplete. Boasting an extravagance of plump fruit, it is best made at least a month – ideally two – before serving to mature, mellow and be at its very best. So please do consider starting now!

2) Stollen

Dresden style stolen – the festive bread bursting with buttery flavour, spice, nuts, marzipan and candied fruits – is the perfect delicious alternative to offer non-fruitcake-eaters during the holiday season.

3) Chocolate Hazelnut Torte

A decadent celebratory torte featuring Amedei Crema Toscana, the ultimate chocolate hazelnut spread.

4) Amaretti Cookies

These sublime almond cookies are wonderful with post-dinner digestifs, coffee or tea. Or make for a lovely home-baked gift.

BONUS SECTION I: Fabulous Holiday Cake Decorating Ideas & Essential Techniques

  • How to cover the cake with marzipan & fondant
  • Royal Icing Snowscape
  • Holly
  • Gilded Holly
  • Snowflakes
  • Candied fruit and nuts with glaze
  • Fruit Cake Pops


5) Classic Mince Pies

Scrumptious whether served warm from the oven with a dollop of brandy butter, or at room temperature, no holiday dessert table is complete without a plate of these festive little pies.

6) Brandy Butter/Hard Sauce

Brandy butter is the penultimate accompaniment to all the classics in the Christmas dessert repertoire.

7) Eggnog Ice Cream

Spiked with brandy, rum and nutmeg, the flavour of this ice cream is irresistible.

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